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In the latter months of 2012 we completed a programme of sign installation at Liverpool John Moores University Byrom Street campus close to Liverpool City Centre.

The work was extensive and included supplying new wayfinding totem signs, refurbishing and over cladding existing freestanding structures on site, converting two seven metre high concrete entrance columns into square totem pillar signs, and installing three large sets of high level brushed stainless steel letters with halo illumination.

There were various unique challenges within the project, such as designing the high-level lettering halo illumination so that it projected onto a built-in rear white outline. This was done to maximise the halo effect because the letters were fitted to a dark building and the halo would otherwise be ineffective.

With the square entrance totem pillar signs needing to have a modular design appearance, the signs were built piece by piece from the floor up using specially designed interlocking panels.

High quality LEDs were used for the illumination of the university name and logo and all metal surfaces (except for the stainless steel effect of the letters) were powder coated in the university corporate colours.

Unfortunately, the fitting work could not be carried out whilst the students were away from the campus on holiday, so this made the installation much more challenging for our fitters due to the number of people milling around the site, therefore extra care was needed.

The finished freestanding structures complemented the recently clad buildings on the campus very well and the high level lettering is very effective and visible from a good distance at night.

We, and more importantly the client, were very pleased with the finished signs.






In May 2012 we were awarded the contract to supply this well-known local college with new external building signs as part of a wider refurbishment programme to the campus.

The most challenging aspect was the high-level sign, mainly due to its size and position on the building, but also because of the short turnaround required!

Hugh Baird

Working from the clients artist impressions and our survey data, full colour visuals and a working sample of the logo were produced. These were approved by the client, along with illumination levels, colours and finish. We were then able to commence job planning and programming.

Hugh Baird

All metal bodied channel lettering was CNC routered, fully constructed and powder coated in-house.

The complex college 'HB' logo was a particular challenge due to its quite slender shape, not to mention that it was approximately 5.5 metres square in overall area. What’s more it was required to internally illuminate and span vertically across a row of windows! This was achieved using a concealed galvanized and powder coated steel frame that fitted behind the main body of the logo. As with the letters, the logo was fully fabricated, powder coated, fitted out, assembled and bench tested here in our factory.

Because of its size and complex shape it was necessary to fabricate the body and frame in 9 separate pieces.
These were then assembled & installed on site from the platform of a large cherry picker.

Face illumination of the logo was achieved by using Tridonic classic orange coloured LEDs behind an orange acrylic 5mm thick face, with transformers located inside the building for ease of future servicing.

Hugh Baird

Substantial fixing templates, detailed sketches and fixing team briefings ensured that the installation of the signs was planned and executed very smoothly and, as anticipated, within the four days allowed - also with the aid of some rare summer 2012 sunshine!

Hugh Baird

The client was very happy with the finished product and delighted that the high level signs in particular have such an impact, and can be seen from quite a distance away.

We are confident that they will continue to attract attention to the college for many years to come.

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