In April 2012 Benson Signs retired a trusty servant in one of its longest serving vans. Since 2001 the Renault Kangoo has meandered the streets of the North West, working tirelessly and serving the company well.

Its replacement is, on the face of it, unremarkable. Yet look closer and you will see no exhaust pipe. The new green graphics give away its secret. It is 100% electric!

At Benson Signs, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. In conjunction with our Solar PV panels we also source our electricity from 100% renewables. As such, we can state with all confidence, that this van is 100% emission free.

In comparison to the vehicle it replaces, which travelled a total of 61,000, this equates to a total CO2 saving of 1.5 tonnes per year or 15 tonnes CO2 over the same period of ownership.

Running costs are dramatically reduced also. The Diesel van cost £87 to fill, whilst the electric van costs just £1.90 on a quick charge from the special wall socket, and just £2.53 from a 3 pin plug.

The acquisition of the electric van further emphasises our commitment to our environmental responsibility, and helps promote this to our customers and man on the street as it travels around the North West.

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