During the 2014 closed season we were asked by Everton Football Club to renew various signage around Goodison, as we have on many occasions over the last 25 years.
One of the reasons for updated signage was the introduction of a new EFC crest design. Because of the new crest design EFC decided that the large crests on Goodison Road and the gable of the Bullens Road stand should be replaced. This required the submission of several design & construction options. Upon approval of the design and construction method we were able to manufacture and install the crests, well within the closed season period. 

The replacement crest on Goodison Road is 4.5m x 4.5m overall and construction is built up powder coated aluminium with illumination coming from internal LEDs. Also replaced was the non illuminated crest on the gable end of the Bullens Road stand. This is 3m x 3m overall and constructed in the same way as the Goodison Road crest, minus the illumination.

New substantial steel support frames were also constructed & fitted to take both of the replacement crests.

Crest installation     Crest

A substantial high level illuminated display was also required, to be sited on the gable of the Goodison Road stand, and highly visible from the main approach to the stadium. The solution was a technically challenging flexface skin over an LED illuminated box; at 8m x 10m one of the largest in the uk.

Installation required the use of a special scaffold set up, with a clamping system that passed through the existing building cladding.

Also part of the brief was that the flexface skin graphic should be changeable every few months. This is achieved by using two hydraulic access machines.

Like the crests, this project was also manufactured and installed well within the closed season.

Flexface installation    Flexface

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