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Elcon saw


We recently upgraded our primary large-area horizontal CNC table saw to a large-area vertical saw.

We had reached the conclusion that, with ever more reliance on CNC routers and our suppliers for accurate material cutting, we needed to modernise.

Our CNC table saw occupied a large area of factory floor and it was difficult to extract dust from its cutting area.

After considering all the available machines we chose to invest in an Elcon DSX 215 freestanding vertical saw, supplied and commissioned by Daltons Wadkin.

The huge amount of space saved gave us the opportunity to review and improve our entire machine workshop layout, with particular attention given to the safe operation of various machinery as well as dust and waste collection and disposal.

The new saw has many important features, apart from its space saving, such as:

·     Highly efficient and confined dust extraction

·     5 metre x 2 metre cutting area

·     Fully enclosed cutting blade housing

·     Powerful 5.5 kw motor

·     Capable of cutting up to 80mm thick materials such as wood, aluminium, composite, acrylic and PVC

           and many other features.


Letter bender lite

A few years ago we invested in an Accubend CNC channel letter bending machine to assist in the manufacture of built up metal letters. This machine continues to play an important role in the manufacture of larger letters and shapes, however it became apparent that a similar machine, which could assist in the manufacture of much smaller letters and shapes, could drastically improve our production times and build accuracy.

So after some thorough researching we recently took delivery of a much smaller, state-of-the-art CNC channel letter former. This new machine gives us the capability to produce very small built up letters and shapes much more efficiently, in stainless steel, aluminium and other metals. Upwards of 50mm high letters are achievable depending on the typeface used.

We feel we've really got it covered now in terms of providing our clients with a full range of high quality and economical built up letters, whether they be LED halo lit, face lit or non illuminated, and in virtually any size or shape too!

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