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We are increasingly sourcing materials with significant recycled content for use in the manufacture of our products.

Key sheet materials with 100% or high recycled content, such as aluminium, acrylic, non-PVC plastics and ACM composite, are used as a matter of course, whether requested by our clients or not.

We understand the importance of reducing our impact upon the environment, not only from our energy usage, but also from the products that we supply.

Whenever possible we ask our suppliers to seek out recycled materials on our behalf and provide us with samples and data so that we can judge if they might be practical and economical to use within our production processes.

This is an ongoing measure that enhances our commitment to the reduction of Carbon emissions.

Some of our latest projects using recycled materials include:
Hotcha - Headquarters, Bristol
Costa - The Roastery, Basildon
Knowsley Council - Totem signs

Benson Signs is proud to announce that we have once again been awarded the Liverpool Echo Carbon Champion Award, in recognition of our ongoing progress in reducing our impact on the environment.

The 2016 event, held at the Isla Gladstone Conservatory in Anfield's Stanley Park, recognised the very best environmentally-friendly businesses, community groups, individuals and organisations across our region.

In 2011, Benson Signs was the proud recipient of the Liverpool Echo It’s Our World Carbon Champion Award in recognition of its efforts to reduce its carbon emissions and improve the efficiency of energy consumption throughout the organisation.

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