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After 18 months, it is time for an evaluation of our 100% electric, zero emission, Renault van.

In April 2012 we took delivery of a replacement van for our trusty Renault Kangoo. The van was to be used for short trips in and around Merseyside, so we took the opportunity to further our carbon reduction commitment by investing in an electric Renault Kangoo.

In conjunction with the 25kW of solar photovoltaics we have installed on our factory roof we believe that it could possibly be the only 100% emission free vehicle in the UK... However, please do get in touch if you know otherwise!

The van has travelled a total of 5142 miles since we took delivery and has used a total of 2026kW. This equates to an efficiency of 2.53 miles per kW. In addition, we can convert the miles travelled by the van into a reduction in our emissions by using the average mpg of the van it replaced. This gives us a CO2 reduction of 1.63 tonnes, which will continue to rise the more we use the van.

Environment Co-ordinator, Graham Barker said: “We are immensely proud to be forging ahead in our own humble way;  however, the true potential of Electric Vehicles is much greater. With the advent of Formula E in 2014, and the achievements of Drayson Racing in setting a World Land Speed Record of 204.2mph, the future for electric vehicles looks very good indeed”.

We have also had positive reactions from company personnel.

Steve Burton, Technical Sales said: “The Van is a pleasure to drive, and very relaxing due to the lack of engine noise. I was initially worried about the range of the battery and re-charging, but we get around 80 miles from a full charge, and it's so easy to plug in for a re-charge”.

John Ryan, Sign Fabricator said: “I find the van great to drive. It’s quiet, nippy, and with the regenerative braking it gives a real sense of safety and confidence. Also, I don’t miss the smell of diesel when filling up! It couldn’t be easier to plug it in to re-charge”.

Richie Hindley, Print Studio Fabricator said: "It’s really great to drive; so simple.  It also generates a lot of interest from people. When you are out and about, or when it is parked up, you get a lot of people coming up and asking questions about it”.

Chris Benson, Managing Director said: “This has been a worthwhile investment. What we need now is for vehicles with 180 - 200 mile range to become available in order to make a real impact”.

For further information please feel free to contact Graham Barker, Environmental Coordinator or Chris Benson, Managing Director on 0151 298 1567.

By replacing existing sign lighting with LED units we’re saving clients money and reducing CO2 emissions.


Over the past 2 years, we have been rolling out a large-scale programme of retrofit LED conversions to Subway Stores throughout the UK.

The signage industry has embraced the benefits of LED use over conventional neon and fluorescent tube technology, but none more so than us, here at Benson Signs. While the technology was in its infancy we were experimenting and developing how best to maximise their advantages, as part of our goal to be the greenest sign manufacture in the UK. In 2002 we installed our first LED sign in Knightsbridge, London.

The benefits of LEDs are obvious:
    Reduced service costs
    Increased lifespan of the unit
    Enhanced light output
    Instant light quality, where others require warming up

Lastly, and most significant of all:
    Dramatic increase in energy efficiency
    Low carbon emissions
    Reduced electricity bills

Over the past 2 years, we have retrofitted over 20 Subway stores with 43 LED illuminated signs, generating annual cost savings in the region of £20,000. This equates to just under 100 tonnes CO2 per year, the equivalent of 2000 young trees growing over 10 years.

The average savings on energy bills of the signs will provide a Return on Investment in the region of 2 years.

Managing Director, Chris Benson said, "Converting conventionally illuminated signs is a WIN, WIN, WIN situation for the client, ourselves, and most importantly the environment."

For further information, please feel free to contact Graham Barker, Environmental Coordinator or Chris Benson, Managing Director on 0151 298 1567.

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