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Air Compressor

New Air Compressor generates over 50% efficiency savings and cuts Carbon Footprint by up to 2 tonnes per year.

After several years of dutiful service the time came to retire our trusted air compressor.  We obtained the EcoAir 10 from Compressed Air Management, our local, expert supplier, over 10 years ago and has been in constant daily service ever since.  However, as with all areas of the business, technology moves on and we were aware that a newer, more energy efficient model would further emphasise our continued commitment to achieving Year on Year CO2 savings.

We contacted Compressed Air Management who recommended an Ingersoll Rand system with Variable Speed Drive (VSD).  The benefits are 2-fold.  Motors on traditional compressors run at full speed all the time they are on, and use a series of valves to match their output with demand.  VSD technology is much more like a petrol engine, in that it starts slowly and matches its speed with demand.  This results in large efficiency savings over regular compressors.

So, having placed our order in June, we began a 5-day period of hourly data-logging of the old system using ECO-EYE Elite 100 energy monitors, giving us accurate performance data that we could convert into carbon emissions and cost savings.  Once the new system was installed the data logger was fitted and the system was monitored for the same period of time.

Not only is the new compressor quieter but we found that on average it was over 50% more efficient than the old system. Over the course of 12 months we have calculated that this will transfer into a carbon saving of approximately 2 tonnes, and during the expected lifespan of the unit the cost savings will roughly equal the cost of the unit.

Air Compressor - Graph


The graph above illustrates the comparison of the daily energy consumption
of the new compressor (green) with the old compressor (blue).

Managing Director, Chris Benson said, “We’re really impressed with the performance of this compressor even though initially its close resemblance to a wartime atom bomb was a little disconcerting! It certainly ticks all the efficiency and environmental boxes.”

For further information please feel free to contact Graham Barker, Environmental Coordinator or Chris Benson, Managing Director on 0151 298 1567.


No/low carbon system providing major reduction in heating costs & reducing our carbon emissions by up to 25%.

After 18 months of planning we are proud to announce the installation of our new biomass heating system.

This system utilises compressed wood pellets to generate hot water for heating our offices and factory spaces and, due to the sustainable production and rapid growth of the plant material used (biomass), the system can be classified as no or low carbon, as the CO2 released through burning the fuel is absorbed by the growing crops.

Having engaged with many prospective contractors in a bid to get the right system for our needs we decided to recruit Tomkinson Heating, a heating and biomass specialist based in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Together with Tomkinson's we chose a 199 kw Strebel boiler which was mounted in a shipping container along with the water vessel and fuel store and sited in a corner of our car park. Due to its location planning consent was required, which was granted on December 2012.

As the fuel is fed into the boiler and burned, hot water is generated and stored in a 4000 litre tank, housed within the new 'boiler room'. This hot water is then pumped into our existing raditor system and via a heat exchange unit in the hot air ducting in our factory, where a fan blows the now hot air throughout the ducting system to where it is needed. We have fully retained the existing heating system to act as back up and to provide additional heat on the coldest days of the year.

We have estimated that this system will reduce our carbon emissions by up to 25% and help isolate us from the continued rise in fossil fuel prices. We have also entered into a supply relationship with Billington Biofuels, a local wood pellet supplier in Liverpool.

Managing Director, Chris Benson said "We believe we are a forward thinking, environmentally responsible Liverpool company, and this investment is a testament to that belief. With the support of the RHI it is also a sound business decision - saving us a few bob along the way!"

For further information please feel free to contact Graham Barker, Environmental Coordinator or Chris Benson, Managing Director on 0151 298 1567.

Biomass1  Biomass2

 Burying conduit                                        Awaiting delivery

Biomass3  Biomass4

 Delivery                                                                                                   Unloading

Biomass5  Biomass6

 Connected and commissioned                                                        A delivery of pellets


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