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We were approached in 2012 by BikeRight!, an organisation dedicated to promoting and encouraging cycling in Merseyside and beyond. BikeRight! offered us the funding to purchase an eight bike cycle shed, designed and manufactured locally. The shed was ordered in November 2012 and installed in December. It is designed with security in mind, as this was seen to be a barrier to staff cycling to work. It features two large lockable doors and a tough polycarbonate shell, designed to keep both the weather and would-be thieves out!




From left: Jo Somerset, director of BikeRight!, Cllr Malcolm Kennedy, and Chris Benson

Managing Director, Chris Benson said
“As a key local employer with a strong interest in environmental issues, we are keen to be part of any initiative that is of benefit to our staff and the environment. It's early days for the programme but it dovetails nicely with our existing tax-free cycle to work scheme, where staff can buy tax-free bicycles to commute.”

Funding for the shelter was provided by BikeRight!, Merseytravel and Liverpool City Council

At Benson Signs we have been providing staff with financial support for the purchase of new bikes for a number of years, via the Tax Free Cycle programme and our supplier Cycle Surgery, which has resulted in many new bikes being purchased. This has a real benefit to staff, as it not only encourages staff to increase their general fitness outside of work, but also by cycling to work.

For further information, please feel free to contact Graham Barker, Environmental Coordinator or Chris Benson, Managing Director on 0151 298 1567.

LED Floods

We have long pioneered the benefits of LED’s in signage; however our embracing of these bright little wonders does not stop at our manufactured products.

In addition to the rolling programme of replacing existing fluorescents with our own in-house built LED units we have carried out a replacement programme of all our external lighting.  This involved removing all Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium floodlights and replacing with bright LED floodlights.

This will have a number of benefits including extending the lifespan of the units and reducing energy consumption by over 18,000 kwh per year. This will have a significant impact on our bills, by saving us over £1500 per year!  In addition, our Carbon Footprint is reduced by nearly 10 tonnes per year.

Furthermore, the £1850 (+vat) cost of the floodlights will be recouped after just over a year of operation.

Just one more step on our continuing journey of environmental improvements.

If you would like to speak to somebody regarding the benefits of LED, please feel free to contact Graham Barker, Environmental Coordinator on 0151 482 5911.

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