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Carbon Trust Standard Certificate 2016

In 2011, it was with great pride that we were awarded the highly prestigious Carbon Trust Standard, a first for any UK sign manufacturer, in recognition of our commitment to achieving year on year reductions in our carbon emissions.

Subsequently, we retained this award in 2013, despite an increase in the level of scrutiny of our emissions and systems. We achieved this in part as a result of the huge commitment we took in implementing our 1st biomass heating installation, and following the investment in our 1st electric vehicle.

For the next 24 months we continually chipped away at our carbon emissions, always looking for new and more efficient ways of using energy. We installed a 2nd biomass system in 2014, purchased a 2nd electric vehicle in 2014, increased our onsite solar PV in December 2015, and completed a full LED lighting upgrade roll-out throughout our building in 2015. In fact, all of the items on our 2011 to-do list we completed, and more besides! These efforts have resulted in us being awarded a third Carbon Trust Standard.

Since our first assessment, which required data to be analysed back to 2009, we have reduced our carbon footprint from 165 tonnes to just 95 tonnes, a whopping 42%! We feel this is a fantastic achievement, not just for ourselves and the environment, but also for our clients, as by holding this Standard we can assure them that the products we manufacture have been made using the best materials, with the least embedded energy, and employ the latest, most efficient technology to operate them, meaning lower running costs.

Environment, Health & Safety Coordinator, Graham Barker said: “For a specialist manufacturer of our size, and with the diverse range of processes we use to manufacture our products, it is a huge achievement to not only be awarded the Standard once, but to be awarded it for a third time! It really demonstrates our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint year on year.”


Solar PV Extension.

In 2006 we took our first steps into the world of renewable energy with the installation of a 5kW solar PV array to our roof. Since then we have continually expanded our PV arrays and in December 2015 we installed two further extensions, with 6kW added to the existing south-facing arrays and a 7.5kW system installed to the east/west facing roofs. For this system we again engaged with our previous installer Sustainable Energy Systems of Preston, Lancashire.

This additional 7.5kW takes our total installed capacity up from 25kW to 38.5kW, resulting in not only reduced consumption from our grid supplies during periods when we are manufacturing, but will also increase the amount that we export back to the grid when we are not consuming. This is a win-win, with reduced costs and overheads, and increased income.

This latest installation also greatly benefits our environmental credentials. Not only do we source all of our imported electricity from guaranteed renewable supplies Good Energy, we now generate even more of own electricity. Added to this is our 255kW renewable biomass heating system, which means that we can proudly claim to be a green manufacturer.

SHE Coordinator, Graham Barker said: "This latest installation means we are now at full capacity for our connection to the National Grid, and really demonstrates our commitment to the environment, and improving our impacts upon it. You can be safe in the knowledge that we are not only better than the rest, but also greener than the rest!”

Managing Director, Chris Benson said: "We continue to reduce our impact on the environment, hopefully encouraging others to do the same and, most importantly, cutting our overheads and fixed costs."

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