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Benson Signs is a market-leading business, manufacturing signage of all descriptions for a broad range of national clients, including major high street brands and public sector organisations. We have pioneered the use of energy efficient LED illumination in our signs, and have installed a wide range of technologies at our head office and workshops as part of an ongoing programme of increased sustainability.

We are committed to identifying and reducing all aspects of our environmental impacts, maintaining regulatory compliance, as well as other Codes of Practice to which we subscribe.
Overall responsibility for the Environmental Policy lies with the Directors. Individual responsibilities will be assigned for specific aspects of the policy. All staff are expected to be committed to this policy.
Benson Signs is committed to preventing pollution and continually improving our environmental performance through the setting, monitoring, and reviewing of objectives and targets via management review.
Benson Signs is committed to providing staff with training and access to information to enable them to fulfil their environmental responsibilities.
Benson Signs will communicate this Environmental Policy openly with all its partners, customers, suppliers, insurers, the Enforcing Authorities and the public.
The environmental impacts of new projects will be assessed at the design stage. Projects will be designed to minimise potential environmental risks and to promote conservation of natural resources.
Benson Signs will develop plans to reduce the consumption of raw materials, water, energy and fuel. It will also develop plans to purchase alternative, less environmentally damaging materials.

Benson Signs will develop plans to minimise waste and where practical seek to reuse or recycle unavoidable wastes. All other wastes will be disposed of in a safe and legal manner.

Benson Signs will encourage contractors, suppliers and others to minimise their negative impact on the environment.

 The policy will be reviewed on an annual basis to assess its effectiveness.