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Health & Safety Policy

General Policy Statement:
The Management of the Company recognises that we must comply with all Health & Safety at work Regulations, and that this is not a matter of choice, but is a legal requirement.

We aim to ensure:
That we comply with the law and at the very least, meet all minimum statutory requirements for both our own industry and of others when our work takes us into other environments (i.e. CDM Regulations)
That we provide a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health, safety or welfare of our employees, clients, visitors to our premises, or any other persons who may be affected by our activities either on or off our premises.
That our employees receive adequate information, training and supervision, so that they are able to carry out their activities in a manner that is safe both to themselves and to others.
That our employees and sub-contractors make use of all relevant safety systems and Personal Protection Equipment that is relevant when carrying out their activities.
That all accidents, dangerous occurrences and incidents are recorded and investigated fully and that the appropriate response is made to avoid a reoccurrence.
That although primary responsibility for Health, Safety and Welfare rests with the management - all of our employees and subcontractors must be continually made aware of their particular responsibilities to themselves and others.

Organisation for Health & Safety:
Ultimate responsibility for Health & Safety matters lies with the Managing Director and General Manager.
All other Senior Managers have a responsibility for their immediate areas of responsibility and for persons in their charge, but also in a wider sense throughout the company - to identify risks, recommend and implement protective measures wherever may be necessary.
Supervisory staff have an elevated level of responsibility also and must ensure that they identify risks and potential hazards to both themselves and staff in their charge, and consult with their relevant manager as to how they can be minimised or eliminated and preventative measures implemented.
Supervisors shall undertake continuous informal monitoring of their areas of production responsibilities.
ALL EMPLOYEES have a duty of care to both themselves and their colleagues regarding Health & Safety. They should be aware of and identify potential hazards in both their own and their colleagues activities wherever possible and report them to their supervisors or managers.
All persons employed by the Company have a duty to co-operate with the relevant managers or supervisors to help ensure that this policy is effective.

Specific responsibilities for Health & Safety:
Overall responsibility for ensuring that the Health & Safety Policy is implemented and that the Managers and Staff adhere to the policy and review/amend where necessary.

Responsible for day-to-day implementation of the policy.
Acting as main point of contact for the Specialist Safety Consultants, acting upon and reporting their recommendations to the Managing Director.
Identifying the need for and organising training, instruction and supervision in all areas wherever necessary.
Recognition of the need and organising protective equipment and systems for all company activities - acting upon the requests of other managers and supervisors to provide new equipment.
Recognise hazards and risks within all work areas and throughout the company, act to minimise or eradicate them.
Actively encourage others to fulfil their specific responsibilities relating to Health & Safety, investigating the cause of accidents or dangerous incidents and acting to prevent reoccurrences.
Report to the Managing Director of recommendations and actions taken.
Examples of General Manager's day-to-day responsibilities:
Fire Drills & Evacuation
Fire Cert/Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Extinguisher Servicing
Fire Alarm Servicing
Emergency Lighting Test & Service
Factory Risk Assessments
Responsible for keeping records of accidents and dangerous occurrences.
Reporting of accidents to the Health & Safety Executive required, as required by RIDDOR.
Maintain the BI510 Accident Book and ensure it is kept in a secure location.
Testing of new equipment and supplies and recording results where required.
Recognition of the need for and organising protective equipment and systems for all company activities.Processing the requests of supervisors to provide new equipment or systems.
Recognise Hazards and Risks within all work areas and throughout the company and act to minimise or eradicate them.
Liaise and report to the General Manager on recommendations and actions taken.
Examples of Production Manager's day-to-day responsibilities:
Accident Records & Reporting
Fixed Factory Electrical Equipment Testing
Responsible for ensuring that both our own on-site personnel and subcontractors working on our behalf carry out their activities in a safe and healthy manner, and that the client and main contractor are kept fully aware of our activities wherever reasonably practicable.
Recognising the need for and organising relevant protective systems and equipment for our installation activities.
Liaise and report to the General Manager on recommendations and actions taken.
Examples of Installation Manager's day-to-day responsibilities:
Portable appliance testing, Method Statements/Risk Assessments  (on-site works)
Access equipment training
Access equipment maintenance
Fitter training First Aid
Vehicle servicing and maintenance.
Responsible for general housekeeping issues relating to Benson Signs premises - tidiness.
Responsible for contract cleaning arrangements and in-house maintenance person.
Condition of the general fabric of the building and company premises.
Recognises hazards and risks within immediate work areas and throughout the company.

R & R SAFETY SYSTEMS shall be responsible for providing professional safety advice in accordance with the requirements of IOSH membership as and when they undertake activities at our premises, and also provide specific health and safety training courses.
UK GENERAL shall provide Employers Liability of 10 million pounds and of Public/Product Liability of 5 million pounds.
H ROBERTS & SON LTD shall inspect fire extinguishers every 12 months and also test fire alarm system.
A competent vehicle servicing garage shall inspect and service all company vans and service vehicles.
In-house electrician - shall PAT test all site and factory tools, as well as fixed appliance testing and carry out all consultation, specialist electrical works and factory maintenance work.
 J & J ENRIGHT shall maintain and test all ladders and scaffolding belonging to the company and provide PASMA (or equivalent) scaffold erection training.
FACELIFT UK shall provide IPAF (or equivalent) powered access equipment training.
BRITISH RED CROSS shall provide First Aid Training to designated persons to carry out First Aid in the workplace.
We are continuously seeking to improve our Health, Safety & Welfare performance as a company and we monitor our effectiveness and performance against this policy and review it at least annually - when revisions are made - new copies are to be issued to all members of staff. A detailed copy of our arrangements for Health & Safety can be provided upon request.