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In April 2012 we purchased a new, medium sized van for our regular site work and surveys. In itself, purchasing this Renault Kangoo was unremarkable. However, were you ever to see it you would quickly realise that it is far from a regular van; it is 100% electric. Charged partly from our own onsite solar panels, whilst our grid electricity is sourced from 100% renewables, via Good Energy.
Such has been the success of the electric van, that when we came to consider a replacement for our company pool car, we could not discount the potential of expanding our Electric Fleet.

Benson signs electric vehicle vauxhall ampera
Benson signs electric vehicle vauxhall ampera

The Vauxhall Ampera is an Extended Range Electric Vehicle, which means that it can run for a far greater distance than a regular EV, without the fear of running out of battery charge, or Range Anxiety. It differs from a regular hybrid, such as a Toyota Prius, in that the small petrol engine is not connected to the drive wheels at all. Instead, it runs on electric power only, with the engine acting as a generator, recharging the on-board batteries when required. As a result, its CO2 output is far lower than that of a regular hybrid. In fact, compared to the more widely known Toyota Prius with emissions of between 88-96g/km, the Ampera’s official figures are considerable – just 27g/km, and it's exempt from the London Congestion Charge to boot.
We don’t just stop at this however. As with our Renault Kangoo EV, the Ampera receives its electric recharge whilst back at our factory from 100% renewables, both from our onsite Solar PV array, and from our renewable supply contract with Good Energy. As a result, the green credentials of this incredible car are only further enhanced. This will help us in our forthcoming recertification to The Carbon Trust Standard. A standard we are committed to, and to which we continually strive to reduce our Carbon emissions Year-on-Year.
Environmental Co-ordinator, Graham Barker says: “This car is amazing, and is a true game-changer in technology. No longer do you start biting your fingernails when the battery falls below 50%. As a 100% electric vehicle, it is smooth, quiet, and refined, and really demonstrates our commitment to emissions reductions to anyone whilst out on the road”.
Managing Director, Chris Benson says: "With regard to making a real impact on reducing environmental impacts many organisations talk the talk, with slick websites that espouse exaggerated claims of caring for the environment, that are then perpetuated across a whole range of media platforms. We, on the other hand, walk the walk, as we have actually reduced our carbon output every year since 2005"