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Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

Chris Benson Signs Limited recognises the need for an equal opportunities policy and is fully committed to the active promotion of equality in the provision of all its services.

Except where permitted as a positive action, it is unlawful to discriminate in the matters of employment either in favour of or against a particular racial group or against women or men, against the disabled, on the basis of age, on the basis of sexual orientation or on the basis of religion or belief. This provision must also be reflected in the services offered by the Company.

This includes ensuring that all staff are fully aware of their responsibilities towards the promotion of equal opportunities and racial and sexual equality and that they are properly equipped to take account of the different and special needs of particular groups and thus making provision for those needs.

Employees are reminded that any discrimination against fellow employees or third parties and/or harassment on the grounds of sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation and/or religion or belief, against other employees is gross misconduct under the Disciplinary Procedure.